About ONNI

There is a lot of advice and opinions available about parenting and raising children - but what information is reliable, researched and answers to today's challenges?

Parenting is one of the most essential yet demanding tasks in the world. Parenting challenges us to think about our values, abilities and resources. Each parent wants to provide the best possible future for their child. However, not everything goes as you would like. For example, the child does not obey, refuses to eat, or does not learn things at the same pace as other children. All this is normal but still challenging.

When the child starts early childhood education, the responsibility of educating the child becomes shared. The parents and early childhood education professionals share the charge. At its best, these adults around the child work together towards a common goal: a happy and well-being child that gets inspired by learning.

Whether you are a parent or an educator, we give you concrete, practical tips on how to ease everyday situations with the child. Even with small actions, you can make a big difference. At ONNI, we aim to enable all children to have a happy childhood by supporting and educating parents and educators and developing cooperation between parents and kindergartens and schools.

From Finland to the World

ONNI is based on the world's best Finnish early childhood and primary education know-how and researched knowledge on childhood development.

We have been training teachers and parents around the world for several years. On our journeys, we have noticed that similar challenges and concerns often emerge in the discussions, no matter where the parents and educators are from. Although society and cultures vary, children are the same. Every child has the same basic needs: food, water, shelter, care, and love. It is vital for a child to feel safe, loved, and valued. In this way, the child can grow, learn and thrive.

Our Story

"What to do with my shy child?" 
"How do I teach my child to defend himself?" 
"Why can't my child focus on what he is doing?" 
"What to do when my child gets upset?" 
"Am I doing the right things raising my child?" 
"How can I make sure that my child has a happy and successful life?"

Our team has many years of experience in different companies training teachers worldwide. Our focus has mainly been on training teachers, but eventually, we realized we were answering numerous questions concerning parenting. The questions came from the parents we met on our journeys and the teachers we trained. Many of the teachers we taught were also parents themselves, and we realized that besides growing as teachers, they craved to know if they were doing a good job as parents. We realized that it is not enough to offer training to education professionals - parents were also thirsting for trustworthy knowledge about parenting.

The idea of ONNI Education came from this observation and from the hundreds of discussions we had had the pleasure to have with educators and parents worldwide. However, we still needed some inspiration from university postgraduate studies and one successful piloting in Vietnam, and ONNI Education was ready to be born from a mere idea to a company.

There is a lot of knowledge in the world about how children grow and develop and what kind of things support a child's development in the best possible way. Not every parent needs to be an educational scientist or developmental psychologist, but it is clear that researched knowledge benefits every parent.

When all adults around the child, let it be a parent or a teacher, share similar values and ideas about education and childhood, the child benefits the most. In Finland, educational partnership between parents and educators has solid roots, leading to great results. 

We are a team of education and training experts, and we bring our most important lessons and expertise to every parent and educator, understandably. We know that raising and educating children is about utmost joy, pride, and love, but with them come hurry and tiredness. That is why our products are easy to access, anywhere, anytime - and full of practical information.

ONNI Education wants to provide an opportunity for a happier childhood for children worldwide. That is why we at ONNI focus on delivering services that enable parents and educators to become empowered and grow in the most critical role they have been given: supporting the child's growth and development.

In all we do, we stand for the intrinsic value of childhood and the child's rights. We hope our products can offer You inspiration and ideas on providing our children with the best possible starting point for a happy life!

With love,

the ONNI team

P.S. "onni" is a Finnish word for happiness.

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