ONNI for Parents

You are doing the most important job in the world - parenting. We know that parenthood is about utmost joy, pride, and love, but it is also about concern and doubt. You might be asking yourself: "Am I doing the right things for my child? How can I make sure my child has a promising future?" You are not alone with these thoughts. There are parents worldwide that share your joys, struggles, concerns and worries.

There is a lot of knowledge about how children grow and develop and what kind of things support a child's development in the best possible way. Not every parent needs to be an educational scientist or developmental psychologist, but it is clear that researched knowledge is beneficial to every parent. We are a team of education and training experts that thrive for happier childhood and the wellbeing of parents.

How to Raise Happy Kids? 
- Web Course for Parents

Join this course to grow towards a more understanding and conscious parenting! This course provides you with research-based knowledge on how you can support your child's growth into well-being, happy and successful individual. The course consists of videos, reflection tasks, and practical tips that you can easily take into practice at home. The inspiration for this course results from research we made in Jyväskylä University- Finland, and its theoretical basis is built on Finnish education know-how and the self-determination theory.

ONNI Happy Family Camp
in Finland

ONNI Family Camp is a unique camp for families seeking quality time together, new experiences. It is meant for families that want to improve their well-being and parent-children interaction in the world's happiest country.

ONNI Family Camp is tailored to meet your wishes and expectations and is full of fun and entertaining activities for parents and children. The program consists of sightseeing, sports activities, lectures, workshops, and learning about Finland, well-being, and happiness.

We warmly welcome you to experience the world's happiest country with your family together with ONNI Education.

  • Includes workshops for parents, family activities, sightseeing, Finnish nature, accommodation, and transportation in Finland

  • Duration 1-2 weeks