ONNI for Education Providers

Being an educator means you are the parents' closest partner in raising and educating their children. You have a huge responsibility in your hands. You must not only teach the child but also be able truly to listen to and communicate with the child's parents. We know that when kindergartens/schools and parents share similar values and mission of raising and educating children, both groups benefit. 

From our experience and research, we know that kindergartens and schools often state that one of the most challenging parts of their job is dealing with parents. It should not be like this. It does not have to be like this. When you put an effort and focus on strong parental partnership and educating parents, your job gets a whole lot easier. 

Let us guide your educators and parents to look into the child's happiness and wellbeing from a new point of view and improve the educational partnership in your facility. As an educator, you are never ready. Join the ONNI Program to learn, question and challenge your way of thinking about educating children!

ONNI Program

When all adults around the child share common education principles, the child's happiness and wellbeing are supported the most. We offer this service to kindergartens and schools that are willing to challenge themselves to look into the child's happiness and wellbeing from a new ankle.

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Price: 4000e - 6000e

How does the ONNI Program work?

  • For educators: 10h live training (includes opening and closing seminar live) + teacher training web course

  • For parents: How to raise happy kids? -web course + opening and closing seminar live 4h

  • ONNI Community: An access to an online learning platform where parents and educators can discuss with each other and education professionals and share ideas with each other related to educating and raising children.

Why the ONNI Program?

We look into the child's happiness and wellbeing through research-based lenses, still focusing on hands-on tips that you can utilize when working with children. Our main principle is to place parents and educators on the same line to cooperate for the best benefit of the child. We support parental partnership which is one of the leading values of Finnish education.

ONNI Program includes:

ONNI Training for Educators

Join us to understand better your most essential partners in raising children - parents! This course provides a basis for developing cooperation and trust between teachers and parents and strengthens teachers' self-confidence to face parents. The course content is research-based, and it helps teachers improve and maintain children's well-being in classrooms. The theoretical basis is built on Finnish early childhood- and primary education expertise. 

ONNI Training for Parents

Join this course to grow towards a more understanding and conscious parenting! This course provides you with research-based knowledge on how you can support your child's growth into well-being, happy and successful individual. The course consists of videos, reflection tasks, and practical tips that you can easily take into practice at home. The inspiration for this course results from research we made in Jyväskylä University- Finland, and its theoretical basis is built on Finnish education know-how and the self-determination theory.

ONNI Community

We at ONNI strongly believe in learning together. This is why we have ONNI Community - a place where parents can find useful information and other parents to share everyday challenges and joys. Parents also get informed about upcoming webinars and other content in the community. 

ONNI Consulting

We are a team of education professionals with expertise in early childhood and primary education. At the heart of everything we do is to promote children's happiness and wellbeing worldwide. We are happy to assist you in these topics with everything you need guidance or support with.

We do, for example:

  • Workshops

  • Study visits and training in your education facility

  • Virtual and live tours in Finnish kindergartens and schools

Price: ~100 e/hour, depending on the service

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ONNI Education: Officially Recognized by the Education Finland Programme.